Owner’s Guide

How can we help you?

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How to access your property records and financials

Access your property’s records through your property portal – in one location, available whenever you need them. Click here to access.

What is available: 

  • Payment of levies 
  • Insurance coverage 
  • Financial statements 
  • Summary of by-laws 
  • Committee and meeting reports 
  • Payment of levies 
  • Variety of documents 

How to login

To login, visit your property portal page here, and enter your login details. Your login details are available on your welcome letter. If you do not have your welcome letter, you can request a new login here.

How to ensure your receive updates about your property

Please keep your contact details current so we can provide you with relevant information and updates for your property. You can receive updates via post or email, but we recommend you select the email option. We can’t take responsibility for any delays in the postal service.

What updates should you receive

Levy notices

Your levy notice defines your levy contribution and the date that the levy is due for payment. 

Learn more

Meeting notices

Meeting notices are distributed to notify owners of any upcoming meetings. 

Repairs and maintenance notices

Notices notify owners of any upcoming works and advise of any action that an owner may need to take in preparation (for example facilitating access).

Fire inspection notices

Notices notify owners of any upcoming inspections and advise of any action that an owner may need to take in preparation.

Property updates

Property updates notify owners of any general information about activities or situations occurring within the property and advise of any action that an owner may need to take.

Industry updates

Updates notify owners of changes to legislation that may affect the property

How to update your details

Need to update your contact details, tenant details or how you receive communications? Please fill out the Roll Update Application here and our team will update your information.

How to register for email notices 

You can register to receive your notices via email at any time by filling out the our Roll Update Application here and our team will update your information. 

Who to contact and when? 

Knowing who to contact and when is a vital part of being an owner. Raising issues with the wrong person can waste time and delay any action that needs to be taken.

How to contact your community management team? 

We make contacting us easy. We have a range of dedicated teams available to help with your enquiries. Visit our contact us page for more information.

When to contact your community manager? 

The community manager plays a central role in ensuring the property runs efficiently. They deal with issues related to common property and the administration of the property, but they don’t have the power to make decisions on behalf of the owners. They work at the direction of the committee.

Watch our helpful video to understand how your community management team can be of assistance.

When to contact your building manager instead? 

The building manager, also known as the caretaker or facilities manager, looks after the day-to-day management of common property. Their responsibilities include maintenance, security, cleaning and concierge duties. They are usually the primary on-site contact for owners, tenants and contractors. They tend to be available during business hours plus reduced hours over the weekend (although this can vary by building). Some property’s may choose not to engage a building manager. Learn more

Who to contact if you are a tenant, and not an owner? 

Landlords may appoint a property manager to deal with rental leases and act as the primary contact for tenants in everyday and emergency situations. If tenants have strata-related issues, the property manager will raise these with owners or the strata manager. Learn more

Who to contact for emergency after-hours repairs?

Emergencies often happen after hours! Our dedicated emergency repair team is available to support our customers outside business hours. Visit our contact us page for more information. 

When to contact your local emergency services? 

Your community manager does not replace emergency services. In the event of fire, violence or medical emergency, call 000. For illegal activity such as theft or concerns about personal safety, contact your local police station. 

Things you need to know as an owner 

Rights and responsibilities of owners 

The owners corporation is responsible for overseeing and managing the property’s communal areas and shared functions. As part of this entity, you have a say in how the property is managed, how finances are utilised, and what property rules (also known as by-laws) are implemented. Read more

Understanding by-laws and building rules

By-laws are the registered rules and regulations adopted by the owners corporation (also known as the body corporate) that all owners and tenants living within a strata property must follow. Read more

How levies work 

As an owner, you are required to pay levies towards the property’s upkeep. It’s a vital way to protect your investment. There is a lot of misconception about strata levies, so it is helpful to know how these fees work and why they are important. Read more

The role of the community manager

Your community manager is appointed by the owners corporation to act on behalf of all owners. They help ensure the property runs efficiently, dealing with issues relating to common property and administration. It is a common misconception that your community manager has the power to make decisions on behalf of the owners. Your community manager works at the direction of the committee.

How to provide feedback?

Your feedback – positive or negative – is valuable to us. Customer feedback helps us continually enhance our service and evolve in line with our customers’ needs. It’s easy to provide feedback via our simple form.