Discount and/or Waiver of Interest Penalty Application

Applying for a discount or waiver of interest penalty?
Here’s what you need to know before submitting your application:

  • Your Body Corporate manager does not have the authority to consider or approve your request.
  • The request will be forwarded to your committee for their consideration. (Please note: based on individual committee structures, they may not choose to pursue your application until such a time a formal meeting can take place).
  • Your committee will only consider applications where full payment of the outstanding amount has be fulfilled at the time of application, to avoid further loss of discount and interest being incurred.
  • If this application is completed and/or submitted by a Tenant or Property Manager, written Lot Owner approval must be attached for the application to be considered. Not supplying this with the application will delay the process.
  • By submitting this request you acknowledge that there will be charge of $50.00 (excluding GST) processing fee if this application is approved.


Please note: Discount or waiver of interest penalty is only available in QLD.

Discount and or Waiver of Interest Penalty Application

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